Boss DS-1

Here to improve pedal Tones and Abilities

Ultra JCM Mod - RM150

The awesome richness and smooth distortion of this Ultra JCM Mod and the FAT, clean, punchy type gain, with tons of glorious sustain. This mod takes the Ultra JCM Mod to a new level tone-wise and improves an already great sounding mod.

CMAT Tri-Gain Mod - RM150

This kit allows users of any regular DS-1 or my DS-1 Rectifier Mod Kits to upgrade to a Tri- Gain Clipping Circuit. Notice: This Tri- Gain Upgrade kit may be used to replace any diode in any pedals clipping Circuit. This kit adds a ton of tonal options to a regular DS-1 and my Rectifier Mod.

Classic Distortion Tone Mod - RM150

The Boss Pre-1995 MIJ DS-1 is actually a pretty decent pedal stock. But there's always room for improvement! I am a cronic tweaker you know! With this mod I will introduce a New Adapter that will allow you to change out the MIJs TA7136 Opamp for any of the many Higher Quality Dual Opamps available. You should hear a RC4558P in the circuit. That's the one I supply with this kit. Unbelievably good in the MIJ Vintage DS-1. But with the TA7136 Adapter you can swap Opamps until you find your sweet spot. Me, I'll stick with the RC4558P.

With the mod I flatten out the scooped mids and add warmth and clarity. I also upgrade some of the older caps. They tend to go bad after time. The 3-way Tri-Gain Switch will add to the versatility after the mod. You have your choice of keeping the 1S2473 clipping diodes or replacing them with a couple of 1N914s. You also get LEDs and a Diode Lift Mode.

Boss SD-1

Classic OD-1 Mod - RM150

Nothing to say about this mod, if you know what is the Classic and Best OD pedal, This mod is what you need!

Bass Guitar OD Mod - RM150

Pluck your bass guitar through this modded box, and you will rock with us!

TS-808 Mod - RM150 or RM200 (with BurrBrown IC)

With this mod I take the SD-1 and mod it to TS808 specs. The circuit of the SD-1 is very similar to the TS9. This mod includes all the mods in my regular SD-1 mod, plus you get three extra components that will take the SD-1 to TS808 specs. I have also included a JRC4558D chip. The stock SD-1 comes with the JRC4558DD op-amp chip. Some feel the JRC4558D is a better sounding chip than the JRC4558DD in the SD-1 circuit.

I also include the symmetrical clipping mod for those that prefer Ibanez TS808 clipping over Boss asymmetrical clipping. This mod is absolutely the best SD-1 mod sold anywhere by anyone at any price! The complexity of the tone after the mod is startling. We also mod the clipping section to symmetrical clipping like Ibanez uses in the TS9. You can also change the character of the pedal buy swapping out different chips which I now sell above. Compared to my regular SD-1 mod this mod will take the SD-1 and add presence and much more complexity of tone. It’s like taking a blanket off the speaker in your amp. The tone is very open, airy and transparent. Very smooth, yet biting gain. Controlled feedback and sustain is incredible with this mod. This is the ultimate SD-1 mod!

Fulldrive Sound Mod - RM180

You know the Fulltone Overdrive pedal right? and this is it!

Boss MT-2

Sustainia Tri-Gain Mod - RM200

MT-2 Sustainia Mod but with a switch. The switch will offer 3 gains. One side will engage the 1N34A diodes and one side the LEDs. The middle will bypass the diodes altogether which will give you a very overdrive type gain structure with the gain turned down.

This toggle switch makes the Sustainia a very versatile pedal. One that will cover the heavier stuff for the metal heads and the bluesier stuff for rock and blues players. You will not believe the smooth thick gain the LEDs give you. This is a solo players dream mod! A Great Mod just got 3X better!

Boss DD-3

Hi-Cut Mod + Switchable Delay Tone - RM200

This mod adds an analog feel to the delay affect. The original signal is unaffected. Comes with a 3-way Toggle Switch, two Metal Film Capacitors, heat-shrink tubing and 24 gauge hook-up wire. One side of the switch cuts the highs in the delay and cuts each repeat more and more giving the delay a very warm analog feel. NOTE: On the DD-5 the repeat does not cut the highs in each repeat more and more. Only the initial delay is affected.

The other side cuts the highs in the delay even more for an even warmer delay affect. The middle toggle position gives you the unaffected stock delay affect. So with this mod you get 3 delay options, high-cut, more high-cut and stock unaffected delay affect. Makes an already great delay pedal even better and more versatile.

WARNING!—We’d found that the new DD-3s will not work with this mod. We’ll not be offering this mod for the new version

Boss DD-6

Hi-Cut Mod - RM150

This Hi-Cut mod only affects the delay, the dry signal remains the unchanged. Includes a 3-way switch. Middle position of the switch gives you the stock unaltered delay. One side of the switch cuts the highs for a very warm analog feel while the other side will cut the highs even more for even a more analog vibe. Very cool! The Hi-Cut will affect Output A (Mono) Only.

Boss GE-7

Hi-Fi, Transparent, Fuller Tone Mod - RM150

Lower quality capacitors are also replaced reducing noise even more and also adding a more focused Hi-Fi tone to the circuit. Noise is substantially reduced and the signal is passed through preserving the original tone of your guitar. The bypass circuit is also much improved. You will not find a better mod than this anywhere for the GE-7! You'll be shocked at the improvement this mod will make.

Fender Bassman Mod - RM100

Just Sounds just like a classic Fender bassman EQ and tonality feels!

Boss CH-1

Hi-Fi Mod - RM150

  1. -It's different than the CE-2 in that you have control over the lows and highs in the chorus effect and you can blend the effect in to taste. Add to that the fact that it also has a stereo out and you've got a very verstile chorus effect. This mod is only good for the CH-1s made before 2002. After 2002 Boss started using surface mount components. This mod will not work with CH-1 made after 2002.

  1. -With this mod we increased the depth of the chorus and increased the rate of the chorus and add clarity and warmth to the effect. The Dual Chip Adapter will add clarity and presence and clean the circuit up. we also replace a few caps as some of the caps in these older pedals seem to leak and wander off tolerance over time. You'll find, after doing this mod, that this is one of the best analog choruses available. The magic of this mod happens in the high frequency content of the effect where I've added sparkle and smoothness plus warmth. This mod enhances that effect and also enhances the spaciousness of the chorus when used in stereo.

Boss BD-2

Blues Stack Mod - RM200

This mod is different from our H2O mod in that we have built the mod around the Dual Stacked NE5532s. Taking nothing away from the H2O, the H2O is a top selling mod for us. I just felt that because of the very unique tonal qualities of the Dual Stacked NE5532s that it would be great to build a mod around them. The stacked NE5532s is the only mod offered by anyone that finally solves the nasty splaty gain decay issue that plagues a stock BD-2. We also eliminated the fuzz-type gain the BD-2 gives you when the gain knob is dialed up. The Dual Stack Adapter was Monte Allums’ design came up with and is made exclusively for us.

The BD-2 Blues Stack Plus Mod is designed with Blues, Gospel, New Country and Classic Rock players in mind. If you're looking for Hendrix, SRV, Rascal Flats, Led Zeppelin or any of the Classic Rock and Blues tones, you need look no further. The Blues Stack Plus delivers those tones to you and it does it with one of the warmest, most musical, natural sounding Overdrives you've ever heard. The gain is warm and natural with excellent pinched harmonics and excellent note clarity. Dynamics are just as good as the H2O mod, as is transparency. You can also use the Blue Stack Plus in front of an already overdriven amp to push it over the edge into sweet saturated bliss or in front of a clean channel amp for warm overdriven tones. This is a very versatile pedal after the mod.

H2O Mod - RM150

Well, say goodbye to the nasty unnatural splaty decay of the BD-2! With my new Dual Stack Adapter and two NE5532 opamps I have finally eliminated this known issue with the BD-2.

This H2O Mod is a great choice for a player wanting to boost an already overdriven amp or it works equally well in the clean channel of an amp. With the Chip Adapter the H2O just got better. Smoother tone and less noise are a result of this awesome mod. This mod will inspire you to play. This mod is for anyone that wants boutique tone but doesn't want to spend boutique prices to achieve it.

Fullest Tone Mod - RM150

It’s Clear & Transparent and it can be light or heavy!! This mod transforms the BD-2 into an almost completely transparent pedal letting the true character of your guitar, pickups and amp shine through. Not only is it almost completely transparent, it's also extremely Dynamic. As you turn the Gain knob up on the pedal you can control the amount of gain using the volume control on your guitar. This mod will react exactly like a tube driven amp. The shriek highs and splaty gain of the stock BD-2 are completely removed. Compared to our regular BD-2 mod this mod has a much flatter EQ.

Boss CS-3

Opto Plus Mod - RM150

We increase the clarity of the CS3, decrease noise and add volume and headroom. This is one sweet sounding compressor with this mod. A truly great sounding mod just got better.

A really great compressor lets the true character of the signal come through preserving all the frequencies of the original signal. This is exactly what our CS-3 Opto Plus Mod does, and it does it very well. I modeled this kit after the character of the old vintage Opto Compressors. These compressors are highly sought after today for their ability to compress a signal in a very smooth yet transparent way. With this mod I have achieved this and more. In fact, i use a CS-3 modded with this kit as a front end compressor for my personal studio. Everything just  better!

Ultra Plus Mod - RM200

Attack – smoothened out the attack of the effect.

Warmth – We have maintained all those improvements but we have added a bit of warmth and thickness to the affect. With the Ultra Plus, Warmth and Thickness increase as you dial up the Sustain Pot. This is a very cool feature of the Ultra Plus Mod.

Sparkle – Most inexpensive compressors shave a bit of the high end from the signal leaving the effect sounding a bit dull and lifeless. With the Ultra Plus Mod we wanted to add a bit of high end Sparkle to the effect. The harshness of the stock CS-3 has been eliminated and a very smooth high end Sparkle has been added to the affect.

Harmonic Content – I am a Pinched Harmonic Addict! The effect happens when subtle harmonics are amplified. Pinched Harmonics require that fundamental frequency content be preserved. The timbre of Pinched Harmonics is greatly affected by a guitarist’s ability to maintain fundamental frequency content in their signal path. The Ultra Plus enhances the fundamental frequency content from your instrument and thus making Pinched Harmonics more musically pleasing.


True-Bypass + Fulltone 3PDT Switch - RM180

Dunlop Wah

True-Bypass + Fulltone 3PDT Switch - RM180

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